Effective Floor Cleaner

I used to kneel down on the floor while picking up hairs. I would crawl under the tables, everywhere, to reach and pick-up hair using a handheld lint remover roller. Ang sakit sa braso. Stretching my arm and swinging it left and right caused my elbow to swell and for the longest time, the pain bothered me. Ang sakit talaga. I even went to Cardinal Santos for treatment but when the doctor told me I needed injectiion, natakot ako I didn’t go back to her clinic anymore.

Now, I don’t have to crawl and bend. I got this from Target and it’s very useful ($12.99 + tax), refill is $9.99 + tax.


I no longer have to vacuum frequently with this one. It can pick-up surface dust, dirt, lint, and hair. This is now my favorite household gadget.


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