Summer in California inspires my husband and others too to plant flowers. Every time we go to garden shops I see single women, men, couples buying potted flowers. Spring, and summer is about gardening and surrounding your environment and home with these lovely creatures. They make our homes livelier and our moods happier.

Let me introduce some spring flowers commonly found in California.

Zinnia – Magellan
flowers of sring

Mix Spring Showers

Lantana Havana Gold

Chameleon Sunshine Berry





Vinca (Catharanthus roseus)

Sweet Pea Shrub also called Petite Butterfly (Polygala fruticosa)
Lily Looks Yellow

Begonia Glory White

Ivy Geranium

Zonal Geranium

Lily comes in different colors and holds different meanings, The most common color is white which means purity and fertility. Pink lilies symbolise femininity and admiration. Red is for love and passion. Orange symbolises confidence and energy.
Yellow lilies make great gifts because they symbolise thankfulnes and friendship. This is a good thank you gift.

Asiatic Lily, Bayton Orange

Hibiscus Santana


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