Lately, I no longer go out of the house without a shawl in my bag. It’s compact, light and handy. When it’s hot and glary outside, I use it to cover my head like a sunshade in place of an umbrella. When the sun hits my face and arms when I am in the car, I use the shawl to cover my face, head, arms. When it gets too cold in the plane, car, bus, train, I wrap it around my shoulders. Even if it is too hot in Vegas, the stores, hotel lobbies have blasting cold air conditioning. I use the shawl to cover my back and shoulders to protect me from extreme heat, extreme cold. When it’s drizzling, I use it to cover my head. When visiting a cold country, I place it around my neck. My shawl has many uses.

Gucci Shawl, old rose

The sales staff at the Gucci boutique tried to convince me how nice this shawl with animal prints is. Yes it’s nice and the color suits me perfectly but the snake print is nakaka-gilawgaw.
Gucci shawl with animals print

I was hoping to find something plain.
Gucci shawls, bold colors

Sobrang makulay ang buhay.
Gucci colorful shawls

The one.
Gucci shawls with blue flowers


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