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I went to Tagaytay a few days ago for a short meeting and some errands. . I left the office at past noon and I was in Tagaytay by 1:20 pm.  The traffic was light but coming back home took a good two and a half hours.  We avoided C5 and EDSA heavy traffic but landed all the way to JP Rizal to avoid congested streets.

The weather was beautiful.  A bit cloudy but sunny as well.
Slex - oh my buhay

It is a must that corn be eaten.
corn - oh my buhay

The Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa road has become a major route to touristic Tagaytay.   The government should start controlling the mushrooming of shanties along the main road.

corn vendor- oh my buhay

One goes to Tagaytay for fresh cool air not to inhle black smoke from vehicles.

smoking bus - oh my buhay

asphalt tagaytay - oh my buhay

milflores - oh my buhay
I prefer buying from side street vendors rather than those stationed along the hway who jack-up their prices most especially to foreigners.

One time I stopped and asked how much a bunch of pinya (pineapple) was, P100. Then a Korean couple came and asked how much, the vendor told them P150. I walked to the vendor and I told him “di ba isang daan lang, huwag mong mahalan”. Then I told the Korean couple “P100 only”
fruit & veg - oh my buhay


    1. Hi Leah,

      I am surprised that you’ve read that old post, tila 2011 pa yun.
      I really go out of my way to voice out my comments when I witness things like that. Naiinis kasi ako. Nakakahiya talaga sa mga turista.
      They are taken advantaged of. We do not want those things happening to Filipinos when we travel to other countries.

  1. Thank you Ms Annie for going out of your way and telling the true price to these foreigners. 🙂
    I’ve finished reading all your entries since last year, but now I’m rereading them haha 🙂
    have a great day ahead 🙂

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