Going to Ikea in Emeryville is a pilgrimage for me and Edmund. Our visit to the US will never be complete without a walk inside Ikea’s humongous warehouse.

Husband and wife both like this blue chair. Mahirap iuwi.

I like this lababo. How can I bring this home? It’s bigger than the balikbayan box.
Sayang. Parang ang sarap maghugas ng pinggan pag ganito ang lababo.

We discovered that they have a section on the ground floor just before the cashiers that has discounted furniture items. Those are merchandise that have some dust, dirt, or suffered minor damage while on the display floor. Yung mga sofa na nadumihankasi merong mga umupo na madudumi ang pwet.

Tyempo-tyempo lang, pag na ka swerte, the discount is big, as much as 50%.

Like this chair. We got this for 50% off. It swivels and masarap namang upuan.
white rattan chair in Ikea

May jetlag pa sya, antok na antok. Kunwari titingin-tingin ng kama at kutson pero sumi-simple lang yan, gusto ng humiga at matulog.

This is our Ikea routine. After looking-looking at their merchandise, we would go to their restaurant, eating-eating naman.


And we eat the same things.


Swedish meatballs for me. 15 pieces, they count, walang labis walang kulang.

Swedish meatballs for me,  Ikea Emeryville

Baby back ribs for him.

Our dinner

And just before heading out to the exit, I would buy the $1 yogurt cone. Dati laging good for two but this time, he didn’t want kasi super busog na daw sya.


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