Is it rude to say HE is a MAN, and SHE is a WOMAN?

The world is going towards a gender-free society in an extreme effort not to offend anyone who has changed their gender preferences, and those who are still deciding which way to go.

I understand the sensitivity issue. In our effort not to offend the LGBTQ, and other sectors, little is taken into consideration of those men and women who still prefer to be addressed based on the gender they were born with.

Having gender labels, and ethnicity descriptions to identify a person is not offensive. It just gives more clarity to those who are reading, listening, looking.

What is wrong with being referred to as a man, or woman, or gay? Is that being insensitive, rude, inconsiderate? I don’t think so. It depends on the context it’s being used. Why eliminate proper identification? We are giving too much focus on the feelings of others but how about my feelings? I want to be referred to as she, a woman, a mother, a wife. I don’t want to be called “they” because that would be grammatically incorrect. I don’t want to be called “IT” because I am a person, not a THINGY. I want to be called Miss or Ms. or Mrs. because I am exactly that.

There must be order in this world to avoid confusion. Yes, we value freedom but we cannot have absolute freedom. Things are already in place before we were born. The stoplights are there so vehicles don’t crash on other vehicles. The one street lines are there to guide us. We cannot say I want to exercise my freedom, I want to go any which way I can.

I got confused when one time I was reading a news article about a man who went missing while on a hike. The news channel referred to the guy as “THEY” instead of HE IS MISSING because apparently, he is gay. So how many persons are missing? Two, three, four? Is it offensive to just simply report that a guy is missing? I don’t think that’s being rude.
So when our gender becomes illegal, then we would be forced to say for example:
“Hello, police officer I would like to report a crime. There’s a human being who grabbed the bag of another human. They (one person) screamed for help. Please catch the thief.”
Police officer—“Okay, can you describe the human being who grabbed the bag of another human being?”
“I am sorry I cannot tell you if he is white, Asian, black, Latino, that would be racial profiling. I am also not allowed to say if the human being is a woman or a man because I would be accused of gender labeling and sexism. What I can only tell you is they (one person) ran to a waiting vehicle driven by another human being.”
Police officer—- “Mam, can you tell me what kind of vehicle….”
“You are rude, don’t label me a woman. I am they. I am people.”
Police officer—–“Okay people then what kind of vehicle were the two human beings riding on?”
“Sorry I cannot mention the brand because that would be improper. Just find the thief, he is a human being.”
Police officer—-“Person, they cannot call the human being a thief because it is not yet proven that he stole something.”
“But I had seen it with my own two eyes and there were other human beings who saw it happened too. “Okay, just find that human being who stole the purse of another human being, riding a vehicle driven by another human being. Please find these creatures fast.”

I am all for respecting each other’s gender, ethnicity, status in life. But to exaggerate gender sensitivities by outlawing clear descriptions and references to a human being who is either a man, a woman, is ludicrous and an utter disregard for the sensitivity of those who still want to be labeled based on what nature had given them. We are creating unnecessary issues and confusion. Why can’t we just simplify our lives by calling a spade a spade?

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