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July 19, 2018

My sister told me it was good we didn’t join in the morning tour. They were exhausted from the heat and lots of walking uphill. They rode the tuktuk and it was no way fun. They told me the ride was bumpy and the most uncomfortable and pelvic bone- breaking.

Edmund had a relaxing morning. We went shopping in Rua Augusta.

portugal june 19 2018 013 Rua Augusta

This lady embroidered my name and gave it to me as a welcome attraction. I went inside their store and looked for something to buy pero parang mga pang-babies. There were some caps, aprons, etc but medyo corny and pricey too.
portugal june 19 2018 034 sewer

portugal june 19 2018 035 aprons

We packed just enough clothes for a week and we didn’t expect we would be needing to change twice a day because of the heat. We were running out of clothes so we needed to buy a few. No pressure to shop, basta kung meron lang kaming makita o magustuhan. We split directions to maximize our time.
While he was looking at some shirts, I went to the shoes store next door. I wanted to get the pair of blue suede sandals but it was kind of heavy.

portugal june 19 2018 014 shoes

I’ve been seeing this dress shop ever since we arrived in Lisbon but it was always closed, natyetyempuhan. Today they were open and had interesting merchandise mostly made in Spain.

portugal june 19 2018 031

Some were from China (sad).

I really search for the etiketa. Gusto ko sana ito pero pero. If it was made in Spain I would have bought this. I did not want to contribute to the massive wealth of the Chinese mainland. They have bottomless budget to send more ships and troops to our native land and sandy beaches even if I stop buying their clothes.
portugal june 19 2018 027

I wanted to tell the woman not to buy that blouse because it has the exact same pattern as our throw pillows, curtain and glass coasters.
portugal june 19 2018 023

Love at first sight.
portugal june 19 2018 024

I found this pink cardigan so cute. It was discounted and made in Spain.

portugal june 19 2018 029 cardigan

I paid it in cash and no receipt was given. The cashier just wrote down the amount I paid on the tag price and told me not to lose the tag.

portugal june 19 2018 028 OMB pink cardigan

This ceramic store has quality merchandise but the prices are higher.
portugal june 19 2018 017

portugal june 19 2018 018

portugal june 19 2018 019

portugal june 19 2018 016 ceramic decorative plates

I heard the cashier telling one of the customers to close her handbag. They warned her that the pickpockets were quick. In seconds your wallet could be gone. Better na lang not to bring any wallet. Separate your credit cards from your cash. Thieves walk around and pretend to be tourists or shoppers too but they observe you. When you take out your wallet and show some cash, there’s a chance they would follow you.
portugal june 19 2018 015

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