My Parents Valued Education11:18 PM Sunday May 17, 2020 |

It’s my father’s birthday tomorrow and to say that I miss him is an understatement. I always think of him, my mom, and my Kuya Ben. How I wish they were still alive today (on the presumption that there’s no corochin virus).

Life ends and there’s nothing I can do to stop that. My prayers when I was little was for the Lord to grant my parents a long life, up to 85. They didn’t reach 85. Papa passed away a few days before his 80th birthday and my mom around 81. Not so bad actually. In today’s time that’s already considered a long life. But, I still miss them. Most especially now.

A lot of people believe that when our loved ones die, they become our guardian angels and they could intercede for us in heaven. If we are distress, we can speak to them and ask them to help us and pray for us. Maybe God would be able to hear them clearer or faster? I don’t really know.

According to Plato, if someone says something about God, we’ll never know if that someone is saying the truth or not. We simply would not know because we just don’t know.

I do speak to my parents verbally sometimes, like hi Pa, hi Ma but usually just silently within my mind and in my heart. They don’t answer back but they constantly appear in my dreams and more so when I am visiting here.

My parents valued a good education, That was their main focus. Not a big house, not traveling, not fancy cars. They lived simply devoid of extravagance because they poured everything that they had to their children’s education. They made sure we all went to college. I think all parents wished that and Edmund and I were no exception. Awa ng Dyos nakatapos naman ng kolehiyo itong dalawa and I am proud to say that they both have MBA plus Nyke has two MA.

Coincidentally, my daughter and I were talking about parents sending their children to go to college in the United States, and about parents who refused to because of the money aspect even if they could very well afford it. Not all parents have the same priorities.

If I may say, I want you all my readers to value education too. If you are a parent, please do everything possible so your kids get a college degree. If you are still a student, please, graduate, and finish your studies. Make your parents happy and make yourself proud. If your parents are poor, the more you have to study. This will be your key to get out of poverty. At least you can find a decent job. If you are anak mayaman, the more you have to educate yourself. Your degree is part of your inheritance and it cannot be stolen away from you. Without knowledge, you will be less than everybody. If you are dumb, you can lose your money and for sure you don’t want to end up poor. Whether you need a college degree or not, it’s better to have it even if you don’t think you need it. It could come in handy in the future.

Bigla ko lang naisip yang education because the world is now facing serious challenges caused by the pandemic. There are millions of people around the world who have lost their jobs and even if the economies in each country start reopening, sad to say there would still be many more who are going to lose their livelihood. I see thousands of homeless people who have no safe home to shelter in place. Maybe, I am saying just maybe, if they had jobs before the pandemic happened, maybe they would be in a better place. Not on the sidewalks. And when companies start to rehire, maybe the people who have at least a college education will qualify to apply to a variety of available positions.



  1. totoo yan ms annie. i remember my dad kht may sakit na wala ng trabaho tlagang ginapang kme makapag aral. we were sent to the best schools, and up to this day i value that kse i know he made sacrifices for us para lang maka graduate kme and our ticket to turn our lives way better. hindi magarbo hindi mayaman pero im sure he wanted us to live a happy fulfilled and comfortable life.

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