I was in bed feeling dreadful from migraine when I glanced at the news on tv and saw a group of red-wearing men calling on all the 16 million Filipinos who voted for Duterte to support their group called revgov. I thought they were NPAs calling for a revolutionary government. I will not elaborate because it’s almost one in the morning but I’ve been meaning to shout to the world that me, my husband and my children want to live in a democratic country where there’s peace, stability, real progress driven by the solid partnership of the government and its people, where all of us follow and respect the constitution, where people live in harmony and peaceful co-existence, where people from all faiths and beliefs respect each other and do no harm to one another. Where government is for the people and not for their own personal glory.

Those Filipinos living abroad who are no longer citizens of our country and who don’t live, work, do business, here in the Philippines will not be affected whatsoever when our country falls into decay and chaos when there’s no democracy, peace and order.

A business acquaintance, C, told me he supports revgov, maaari daw magkagulo sa bansa that’s why he is trying to convince his daughter to migrate either to the USA or Australia. I have no kind words for this guy. If he truly believes revgov will bring a good life and better days to all of us Filipinos, o eh bakit gusto nyang paalisin sa bansa ang anak nya? Ang labo naman nya, tila hindi nya alam ang kanyang sinasabi. Plastic, turi or tuli?



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3 thoughts on “No to Revgov

  1. Minsan nakakawalang respeto talaga ang mga taong kilala ko na supporters ng current admin. Their logic is out of this world. Nakakaloka. I can’t help but think na brainwashed na sila by fake news.

  2. if the overseas filipino workers and immigrants support revolutionary government, then they should come back home and live in the philippines again if they believe it will improve the life here. they are being selfish to call for a revolutionary government when they are sitting comfortable in their respective countries, safe from any danger

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