Pacquiao vs. Thurman Boxing Fight

My sister bought four tickets to the Pacquiao vs. Thurman fight.
Bong had difficulty finding parking at MGM because of the thousands of people trooping here to watch.

Pacquiao vs Thurman, boxing 1

We saw lots of women fashionably dressed. Some had no underwears, some only had their underwears on. Some were wearing swim suits.
Sexy fashion in Vegas

This must be my second time here at MGM Hotel. The first time was when Edmund and I watched the Tom Jones concert some 25 years ago. I still recall getting the sticker shock when I was told that the only remaining two tickets cost $45 each.
Boxing at MGM

Many people think that watching on tv is better because you get to see boxers up close. Watching live is different. You get to feel and see the excitement of the crowd.

Boxing enthusiasts

Bong, Len, Dimple

I was starving. I wasn’t able to eat well at the Filipino restaurant because I was terribly upset and worried that my luggage could be lost forever. We were not able to swing by a restaurant before coming here to MGM because we were concerned about the parking situation. I bought a Philly steak sandwich and ate beside a waste bin. No other place to comfortably eat. I used the basurahan as my table. Basta malagyan lang ng laman ang tyan ko otherwise I would be knocked out from hunger. There was a Filipino guy who also bought a Philly steak and he ate with me beside the waste can. He was curious about who I was, tiga-saan ako, saan ako nakacheck in sa Las Vegas, anong hotel, saan ako naka-upo at magkano ang ticket ko. Dun pala sila sa mataas $200+ daw. Mahal daw ang pamasahe sa eroplano, ano daw ang trabaho ko at bakit ako nakakabili ng tickets. Nakakatuwa tayong mga Pilipino. Pare-pareho tayong tsismoso at tsismosa.
Philly Steak, MGM


When I told my companions that next time we would watch the UFC fight, they were shocked. Violent daw.
Len, Bong, Pacquiao vs. Thurman

Someone asked me “fan ka pala ni Pacquaio”. No, I am not his fan, I am a fan of our country, the Philippines.
Philippine flag, Pacquiao vs. Thurman

Fans roared when Thurman fell on his back prior to the end of the first round but he was able to recover.

Manny Pacquiao’s fans were waiting for blood. They wanted to see Thurman beaten to the pulp but the guy was strong and in fact, he gave Pacquiao some solid punches. Mukhang nabugbog nga rin si Pacquiao.

Thurman and Pacquiao were both standing when the last bell rang. Thurman was a very good fighter and it was a close bout. There were a few times when I thought this guy could win but in the end, Pacquiao was declared the winner.

We saw many celebrities whose names we couldn’t recall. There was a popular band member that Dimple stalked. She kept following him trying to recall his name. She asked his bodyguard hoping to get the name but the guy said he’s not allowed to say it.
There were some celebrities and government officials also from the P.I. Many cheap-looking women, sorry to say but true. Bihis na bihis pero yung tipong puro band-aid ang sakong sa sakit ng paa. May band-aid sa sakong, may band-aid sa nipples.

Congratulations to Sen. Manny Pacquiao. Sen. Pacquiao can now focus on serving the Filipino people. Congrats to the Philippines.
Let’s watch the UFC fight next time.
OMB at Pacquiao vs Thurman, MGM


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