1, Air pollution is affecting my vision Rapid eye deterioration affecting our clear vision can be caused by bad air pollution.

2. Then rainy season reminds me of my childhood in Binangonan, running and playing under the rain. When it’s pouring, adults and children stand under the alulod to enjoy the gushing cold rain water that flows down from galvanized roofs.

3. Spiritual energy brings compassion into the real world. With compassion,  we see benevolently our own human condition and the condition of our fellow beings.
We drop prejudice. We withhold judgment.
by Christina Baldwin.

4. When a couple seems to be perfect for each other, people describe the seemingly happy union as soulmates. Do you agree with that? So when couples fight, their souls are not in tune with each other?

5. Most Filipinos are Catholics. Lately we’ve not been able to attend Sunday masses because of the lockdowns and risks of catching and spreading the corochinchin. I am guilty of not even tuning in online regularly to fulfill my Catholic duties. But I pray every day. Not the long recitations of printed and memorized prayers. Just simple greetings to God, to express my thanks and apologies too for any transgressions I had committed knowingly or unknowingly. These days, we should not miss praying for the souls of those who died and also to wish for the fully recovery of those who are sick. I never forget too to ask God to find those missing persons, most especially those babies or little children who were lost, kidnapped, etc. Kawawa naman and imagine the grief and worry of the parents.

6. Authentic Christianity never destroys what is good. It makes it grow, transfigures it, and enriches itself from it.
by Claire Hutchet Bishop

7. The town where I came from is prominently and frequently mentioned in my blog. I never deny that I grew up in Binangonan, Rizal. My mother was from Pila-pila and my father who was of Chinese descent relocated there with his adoptive parents, and eventually met my mom there. That’s where they settled and raised us. There is nothing in that narrative to be ashamed of. That is my family history. I don’t know why some people think that I am ashamed of my town. That means these individuals just flipped through my blogs and have not read the whole story. Where they based their conclusion or perception is not on facts or public information. I did not enjoy growing up and studying there because I was constantly bullied and discriminated upon because of my being Chinese. My parents were also extremely strict so my movements and activities were restricted. Despite an unhappy childhood I still love our town. I visit whenever I have the time and energy. Fate placed me there so there’s no argument. If I am ashamed of making it known then why the heck would I frequently mention the town on Oh my buhay? Pwede ba? Hindi ako plastic. Hindi rin ako nagkukunwari. What benefit would it give me by pretending? And where would I say I originally came from? Sa gilid ng Forbes Park?

OMB at Makati Ford


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