Ugu Bigyan’s beautiful Pottery

He’s celebrating his 51st birthday the day after we visited his place kaya we were lucky to enjoy his tradition of giving an enormous discount equivalent to his age.  We were lucky to get a  51 % discount.

He started this tradition when he turned 40 years old. Kaya dapat tyempuhan ang birthday nya. Remember, the sale is on Saturday before his actual birthday. Be sure to bring hordes of cash when you come here.  They don’t accept credit cards.  He accepts personal checks if he knows you or someone would vouch for you. Mahirap ng matakbuhan.


I want to go back maybe next year to buy clay tiles KUNG matuloy yung mini cottage house ko. Kung pa lang kasi.





Ugu’s ceramic and clay pottery are really nice however, the prices could be stiff. There are many items that are priced at P 2,500 and P 2,800. 


His works are very artistic and every piece is a sculpture in itself. 




The colors are so lovely. 


Beautiful blue teapots

Yen and I bought a few small pieces as souvenirs.  

She carried a large platter to the cashier but when we saw the tag price, P14,800,  “Naku anak, put it back”. Even with the generous 51% birthday discount, it would still be P7k+ and we didn’t have that much cash with us.  

We were not aware that the tour would bring us to Ugu Bigyan. Even before we left his beautiful place, we were already planning of coming back to buy some large pieces that we liked.


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3 thoughts on “Ugu Bigyan’s beautiful Pottery

  1. Hi mam, my family are friends with the Bigyan’s since the generation of Manuel Quezon, in Lucena. Tell me next time when you visit Tiaong, we could haggle for 70% discount and you do not have to wait Ugu’s 70th birthday. By the way, were you able to see the interior of his brick house? 🙂

    1. Discount? The man works hard on his craft so he deserves to get paid full price for it. The item you are buying is not being mass produced and cannot be replicated. If you don’t have the money, don’t buy and rather just share his work so that more people can know about him and buy his art.

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