Wala pa akong napipiling kandidato

October 11, 2021

It’s only been a week since the job applicants for the position of President of the Philippines have filed their application forms and yet I have been bombarded with a lot of campaign slogans, materials, and other posts to convince me to vote for one candidate.

I only have one vote and I want to make sure I cast it in favor of the person who I believe, from my assessment, will best serve the country. That is according to my own personal analysis, and not based on what others say.

One week pa lang and frankly speaking, I am beginning to have diarrhea from this campaign propaganda. The more they try to slam the idea down my throat, the chances that I will repel their respective candidate is growing. Medyo annoying na. One week pa lang ha? Relax lang kayo.

At this point, I do not yet have a favorite. I am a fence sitter. I will take my time and see, observe, what these candidates would say and do in the next months. I want to hear what they have to say, what their speechwriters, election managers, strategists, have to say. I want to know what their plataporma is. I don’t want to know what Bongbong Marcos did or did not do when he was a Congressman or Senator, I want to know from his lips, what he intends to do if he becomes president and how he is going to do it. I want to hear Pacquiao tell me why he is running for president and if he wins, how is he going to spend the first 12 months. I want to dig deeper into Isko Moreno’s public persona and uncover his true intentions. I want o hear what Manny Pacquiao intends to do to lead this country into peace and progress. How about Senator Lacson? What does he offer that other candidates don’t have?

I am tired of seeing posts saying that the elites will vote for Leni Robredo. And that she gets solid A votes. I even got a message from two friends of mine telling me “An, kay Leni tayo, tayong mga A kay Leni”. I believe that Leni is a decent person and I believe she will not be corrupted. However, I don’t want to be told that A ako. Syempre A ako ano? At my house, our table napkins, bath, hand, and face towels have the letter A embroidered on them. Syempre I am A, An, Ann, Anne, Annie. Aside from my name starting with the letter A, I am a B and O. Not B O. I don’t have a bad odor. I am bangu-bango.

My category is B and O. I am a businessman and I am objective. I am not trying to be corny. That’s the truth.
I will vote for the person who had a solid economic agenda that is beneficial to our country. And I am objective. I will vote objectively, intelligently. I will not vote based on color, emotion, or kung anu anong kakornihan at pangako nila.

What I want to see from the candidates is an issue-driven campaign hindi yung sisiraan ang iba. I don’t want to hear kung ano ang baho nung kabila. I want to know ano ba ang gagawin mo pag ibinoto ka namin?

Hindi ko na gustong marinig kung ano ang nangyari nung panahon ni Marcos dahil alam ko na yun. Ipinanganak na ako nun at meron ng isip. Tapos na yun at wala naman akong magagawa. Ang gusto kong malaman sa mga nais na maging presidente ay kung ano ang gagawin nyo ngayon at bukas. Ito ay para sa aking dalawang anak at sa kanilang magiging pamilya. Ito ay para sa ngayon at bukas hindi para balik-balikan yung nuon. Matagal ng patay si Ferdinand Marcos Sr. Tapos na yung chapter nya. Bago na ang buhay natin ngayon na dapat nating harapin.

Kung manalo ka, ano ang action plan mo?

1. Ano ang gagawin mo para mabawi ang mga isla na sinakop at pinalawak ng bansang China? Ipaglalaban mo ba ang ating karapatan na mabawi ito at all costs?

2. Ano ang gagawin mo para mapanumbalik ang sigla ng ating ekonomiya para umunlad ang mga negosyo at mabalik sa trabaho ang milyun-miyon na nawalan ng hanapbuhay?

3. Ano ang programa mo para permanenteng matulungan ang mga pinaka mahihirap sa lipunan?

4. Are you going to revisit the TRAIN Law and other laws that are anti-business?

5. Paano mo susugpuin ang patuloy na paglagananp ng droga? Huhulihin mo ba ang mga drug addicts? Or hahabulin mo ba ang mga shabu manufacturers and importers? Kakausapin mo ba ang gobyerno ng China upang makipagtulungan na hindi dumating dito sa bansa ang mga drugs na galing sa kanila? Paano mo gagawin yan?

6. Ibabalik mo ba ang death penalty at bakit? Paano ang mga taong nakakulong ng walang mga sala?

7. Paano mo aayusin ang mga kulungan natin? Dikit-dikit ang preso na parang sardinas, ano ang gagawin mo para masolusyonan ito? Bakit?

8. Are you satisfied with our present state of education? Do you intend to improve it and how?

9. Do you believe in self-sufficiency as far as our food supply is concerned? What is your master plan to save our dying agriculture industry?

10. Health— Grabe sa mahal ang mga gamot dito sa Pilipinas. Mamamatay ang mga tao hindi kayang makabili ng gamot. Ano ang iyong gagawin para bumaba ang presyo ng mga gamot dito a bansa?

11. Tourism —- how will you prepare our country when the world opens its doors to tourism again?

12. How will you prepare our country for another pandemic?

13. In a few years our population will hit the 130 million mark. What do you think of it? How will you tackle the population explosion in the country?

14. Are you going to work on reducing the cost of electricity, water, and basic necessities? How?

I have a hundred more questions.
Oh my, we need a president who can carry all our miseries on his shoulders.

Let’s choose our candidate well.


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