After I checked the car’s windshield crack, I took the three plastic shopping bags containing seven (7) sets of cups and saucers from England from the back seat and brought them in. I was going to wash them. Suddenly I heard a loud thud and crash. I dropped one plastic bag containing several antique cups and saucers I bought in Benicia. Two saucers broke into pieces. There was one more saucer that fell but miraculously it didn’t even have a scratch or chip.

broken saucers

These two suffered the blow. Normally when a porcelain or glass broke, I threw them away. But this time, I don’t know. I am thinking of turning this into some kind of funky art. Maybe I will glue them together like a mosaic. They are too pretty to be thrown away.

two broken antique saucers

I broke three things in a span of half hour. The windshield, and this two saucers. Sana nawala na ang mga malas. #welcomegoodluck


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