June 24, 2020, Wednesday

Sausalito is a charming place to visit. We’ve been here many times and it still charms us every time.
One doesn’t need the whole day to explore Sausalito. A few hours is enough to enjoy a short walk along the marina, shop for souvenirs, and eat in one of the restaurants.

ice cream

souvenir t-shirts

ivy covered building

My very first time here was 34 years ago and every single time I visit, ice cream seems to be the hit here even during winter time.
buying ice cream
Mother and daughter
ice cream cones

water view
Very few tourists today, good for social distancing but bad for the businesses here.
I believe it’s God who chooses the people we’ll spend our life with.

We’re not always this sweet, most of the time we’re sour.
sitting on a bench
A friend of mine sent me a forwarded message that says do not post happy family photos because other people feel envious. They don’t want to see that other people are smiling. Millions or billions post their photos not to make other people envious. Me, I post because I want to remember these photos, more for my family’s archive.
Oyen and mommy
I used to be afraid of boats because I get sea sick, but now I am beginning to like them.
I was watching HGTV channel a month ago featuring a super luxurious yacht with 6 huge bedrooms complete with bath tubs, spa, walk in closets, living room in each bedroom, and 10 toilets.
And where is my own boat?
marina bay

This water scenery is a delight to the senses. Must be nice to have a yacht and to spend hours enjoying the blue waters.

Curious lang, magkano ba itong mga banka na ito, usyosohin nga natin..
boats for sale
Merong mura pero luma na at mukhang lulubog na.
boat prices
Add this to my wish list
yacht in Sausalito

Gising, uwi na.


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