I feel sorry for the thousands of jeepney drivers who are suffering and some are already starving. Many survive by living inside the jeepney itself. There are those who cry out of frustration and desperation. Naaawa ako.

The government is not yet allowing them to go on the road. Hindi pa sila pwedeng mamasada. After three months of zero income and more utang, hindi sila makabyahe hangga ngayon. There are lots of requirements and fees to be paid eh saan sila kukuha ng pambayad? They are also being required to upgrade to a new jeepney model accredited and approved by the government. Malaking halaga ang uutangin and I am sure they will not qualify to secure a big loan.

Daming requirements natin. Sa barangay lang namin, hihingi ng ID, kailangan pa you have to show the original, plus a photo copy with three signatures. Bakit tatlong signature? To be sure that it’s me? We like to impose rules, more rules,and some more rules. Instead of making life simpler, we like to punish citizens by imposing unnecessary requirements.

I think jeepneys with no aircon should already be allowed to go out. Basta ipaalala lang na limitahan ang mga pasahero. Walang masakyan ang mga nagta-trabaho.

When I was still very young, my parents owned passenger jeepneys. One was given the name Annielyn, yung isa naman ay Annielin, after my name and Aileen’s. Every night, the drivers turn over the day’s earnings. I am my father’s assistant in counting the coins. No passenger pays a bill, just coins. I learned how to group, roll, and wrap the coins (kalasotyo). The two of us sit on the linoleum and spend about about an hour wrapping and counting mounds of coins. Almost every night that’s our routine. My father trained me how to count well, no mistake, dapat eksakto. Walang labis walang kulang.

Now you know why I am fond of coins and why I have alkansya. I enjoy counting and wrapping coins, My parents earned in coins but they were able to send all of us through college and gave us a decent life, and at the same time they were able to help many people. Bigyan ng halaga ang barya. Hindi kumpleto ang isang libo kung kulang ng piso.


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