Epi Cluny BB Coquelicot

This is the bag that I got as a replacement for the Damier Ebene. Ang tawag pala eh Epi Cluny as in George Clooney.

I haven’t used it.
LV Cluny BB pink handbag

I wish the shoulder strap is longer so I can do cross body when traveling. Iniisip ko paano ko kaya duduktungan.
Louis Vuitton pink handbag

Beginning this year I will post lots of photos of bags. Not necessarily mine.
Pink LV bag, Cluny


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2 thoughts on “Epi Cluny BB Coquelicot

  1. Yes, please do! and your purse is sooooo pretty. I know LV sells shoulder straps but I do not know if they have one that could match your purse.

  2. Hi Charisse, LV sells fat straps with some quirky pins but not the simpler ones that are longer.

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