Daming namamatay08:20 AM Friday January 15, 2021 |

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook about people dying. Almost every week I see photos of candles. Ang problema ko, gusto ko mang makiramay, hindi ko naman alam kung sino ang namatay. They don’t announce the person’s name eh I find it awkward sending “Condolences” without knowing who died.

Lagay nyo naman ang pangalan ng namatay, huwag lang picture ng kandila please. Mainam rin kung ano ang ikinamatay. Hndi para itsismis, a bit of information lang para makapag-ingat tayo. #covid

My favorite lately is “God rest his soul” which I got from the Hallmark movie “When Calls the Heart”. What if it’s a she? “God rest his or her soul” or “Rest in Peace mam/ser”.


  1. I feel you mam…i got stressed for no reason especially when everybody in your friend’s list had post their condolences and RIP.

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