Dinner Alone in Watami Makati

I had breakfast at 9 am but didn’t have anything else after that, not even water. I was feeling faint from hunger by 6:30 pm. It was heavy traffic in EDSA (what’s new) and I estimated it would take us one to one and a half hours travel. I figured, I would faint before reaching home. When the driver avoided the traffic and turned left near SM, I decided, I would just find something to eat there. Edmund would be dining with his friends William and Pepito, Oyen would be at the Fort, Nyke would be with his friends, so it would be nice to find something quiet to eat dinner alone.

I spotted Watami Japanese Restaurant so I asked the driver to detour and drop me off. I gave him P500 for his meal and parking and to give me the sukli plus the receipts.

There were less than ten people when I arrived. By the time my food was served, the place had at least 30 px. What did it mean? Their service tonight was slow. If I had known that it would take them that long, sana I just went straight home.

Watami in Makati, April 7, 2015

One follow up plus 38 minutes before the beef in hot stone pot was served. The clam soup followed after 10 minutes. I was already in a bad mood. #starvinghello

I felt better after I started eating the beef with rice.
#happybulate #delicious

No more clam soup for me next time.

Beef and rice cooked in hot stone pot, Watami

One follow up plus 15 minutes before they produced my requested Official Receipt and my sukli (change). The staff apologized for their slowness. #forgiven
Watami dinner,  Official Receipt  April 7, 2015

By the way, driver gave me P40 parking receipt and P90 Mini Stop receipt plus P370 change. #goodboy


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