Don’t Post Propaganda

I am disappointed with a lot of educated, successful people. They forward video clips, write-ups of all sorts of propaganda online. They send chain articles/video clips urging people to repost, send, spread lies.
We should not allow ourselves to be pawns of other countries’ self-serving propaganda. We should know by now, at this age and time, that most of the information being circulated online is outright preposterous, ridiculous, stupid, ridiculous, lies. They are meant to deceive and shape our minds and coin our opinions the wrong way. We are being manipulated and people who are supposed to be successful and educated must be able to sift through these destructive posts. If you want to read, then read, but don’t circulate. You just like to repost without verifying the facts. And how do you verify the facts? You can’t. Every bit of information you will find online are far from trustworthy. So refrain from forwarding posts.

Did any of your friends forward an article that starts with
“A doctor friend of mine said…”
“Dr. Hollanidi, chief Specialist from >>>> Medical Center… came out with a study that says…”
“A friend of my neighbor said that…”

And oh please, spare me, don’t ever send me Chinese propaganda and tell me to “please pass”.

At alam nyo we are in the middle of a life-threatening pandemic here, ayusin nyo muna ang mga vaccines dito sa bansa natin. Please don’t send political propaganda.


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