Easter Lunch with in-laws

My all-pink ensemble today has nothing to do with politics. I swear!!!!

We were going to have lunch at my mother-in-law’s residence and to avoid covid hawa me hawa you, the simple family gathering would be held in her driveway, lanai, and garage rolled into one. In other words, semi-outdoor, no air conditioning, MAINIT!!!!

This pink dress is very old and I have two of this style. One dark green and this bright pink one. I wear them pagpupunta ako sa palengke, grocery, for errands, never to the office, kasi I demoted them, mukhang daster but a little bit higher category than daster.

Since I anticipated it would be too humid and hot at the Easter Lunch, naisip ko ito na lang isuot ko kasi kami-kami lang naman. Then I decided to use this pink LV bag na lumulutong na sa loob ng aparador, para the leather could breathe.  Naka daster nga but at least my handbag is more presentable.

Since mainit nga, nagsombrero ako. When I went down to get slippers, nakita ko itong pinkish strap sandals. Oh di ba terno terno na?  Unfortunately, nowadays you cannot wear pink without people giving it a political color. This is not about politics. Today is just daster day.

Oh My Buhay Easter Sunday
We borrowed Nyke’s Ford Mustang (plugging) kasi naluluma na sa garahe. It was hard to find a parking in this village kasi the streets are narrower and full of residents’ vehicles. Buti na lang Edmund is an exceptional valet parker. Oh, pose muna.

Easter Lunch

Dessert: cold duhat



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