Gas Prices are Up

In the US, the citizens received $400 gas coupons two months ago to help mitigate the impact of rising gas prices. Here at home, we don’t enjoy that kind of privilege so magtipid na lang tayo.

I hate people who say “may pambayad ka kasi”.  All of us are affected by rising gas / oil prices.  But we cannot do anything about it so we just have to adjust and manage the effects on our individual lives.   Kung wala namang importanteng pupuntahan,  huwag labas ng labas  O o kaya planuhin ang mga pupuntahan.  Huwag pabalik-balik.

I go out because I need to.  Meron akong kailangan kausapin, gawin, puntahan.  Minsan, gusto ko lang din lumabas.

Dito sa Astromthe gas is cheaper at P65.95.

Gas prices
It comes with free cold bottled water for every P500 worth of gas.   How nice naman,  tamang-tama,  uhaw na ako kasi ang init.
Petron’s more expensive at P 70.55 and without free bottled water.


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