I am wishing for good things to happen

Sometimes I feel ashamed of always asking for help from above. But where else do I run for help? At saka, siguro nasanay na ako na araw araw na lang “naku Lord, please help me. Lord, sana maayos na yang problema na yan. Oh dear God, please guide and help us……”
This morning I imagined myself draped in God’s blanket, kunwari nadun ako sa laylayan ng palda nya. I imagined myself covered with his grace and protection— from any kind of sickness, harm, any problem.

Inisip ko rin, there are billions of people asking for help. Hindi kaya Siya nakukulitan sa akin? Dagdag stress ako sa kanya. Many are suffering and yet here I am nangungulit din for help.

I also know how to thank God. My thank you Lord is more than the hingi-hingi. Every day, several times a day I never forget to express how appreciative and humbled I am for the many blessings I have received. Most especially during pandemic times we are still able to live comfortably when others are thrown out of their houses, no jobs, sick, and destitute.

But, nakakahiya man sabihin, I still need help. There is a lingering problem that is still here. My faith tells me that soon, sana maayos na din yan.

My sister and I had a long conversation the other day over the phone. We talked about those times when she suffered financially from bad decisions. But now they are better off than ever before and things have been good. I remember sending her a card or a letter. I still remember what I had written there. To hold on, keep her faith, because good things are coming her way.

I am praying for good things to happen. To my son, to my daughter, to Edmund, Derrick, to my siblings and their families, and to all those in need.

Let us keep our faith.



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One thought on “I am wishing for good things to happen

  1. having suffered from a bad financial decision ourselves, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. at this point I think we are only about halfway there but we are still thankful to the Lord that we are alive, and blessed 🙂 sabi nga nila when you are at your lowest, there is no way to go but up!

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