In the mood to buy plates

I’ve been searching online for dinner plates. I am in the mood to buy new plates. No particular brand or style, I just prefer not made in China. I am thinking maybe I should choose gender-neutral color and design which means, not color pink, not too flowery so in case I leave them with Nyke, the design is something he wouldn’t mind having. But my eyes are attracted to flowers so there’s a good chance I will end up buying something flowery again.

A—–“Naghahanap ako ng plates.”
A—–“Plates, pinggan.”
E——Di ba marami ka ng pinggan.”
A—–“Hmm, para maiba naman.”
A—–Hindi ako magaling maghanap online.”
E—–“Sa Lazada ka nagsa-shopping?”
A—–“Never pa ako nagshopping sa Lazada.”
E—–“Pumunta ka sa Amazon.”
A—–“Mahirap hindi nakalagay kung saan made. Baka sa China.”
E—–“Yun lang. Sa Amazon puro China.”

I am actually going to the stores’ websites like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and directly to the manufacturers’ sites. So far I’ve seen two Noritake designs which I like but I want a love-at-first-sight kind of thing. I want isang tingin pa lang in-love na ako like Flora Danica except that the price is pang-donya lang.

I keep searching hoping to stumble upon a really lovely design and quality but I always end my day’s search at Royal Copenhagen’s Flora Danica. And just before I switch off my computer, I give it one last look and wish they are less expensive and more affordable.  Who would think dinner plates could be this expensive.

Does anyone of you have Flora Danica plates or cups and saucers? May I come over to take a look? Not today, but after the virus infections have dropped to 100/day and we all have the vaccines already.

Flora Danica plates

Uy, ang mura ng shipping. I will just pay for the shipping and never mind the dinner set. I cannot afford the plates.


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