It’s Wednesday Again01:17 PM Tuesday May 19, 2020 |

The only day that reminds me that a week has passed is Wednesday. This day has become significant in the past 60 days of quarantine because that’s when the garbage truck comes. I am oblivious of the days because they all seem one and the same.

How ironic it is. There were a few times in my past life (pre-covid) that I wished that the world would stop so I could get off and take a breather. It was going too fast and many times I couldn’t keep up with the world’s churning and grinding. This feeling usually comes when I am feeling too harassed and deluged with problems.

Of course, the world will not stop just to wait for me until I am able to take stock of myself and rejuvenate. Life’s evolution doesn’t wait for anyone. It continues with or without me. So it’s up to me to keep up, to hold on, strongly, so I don’t get left behind.

But wait. Look what has just happened. The world stopped! Repeat, the world that was going too fast is taking a breather. This is inconceivable. My wish came true. And I am not the only one taking a good long rest. The whole of humanity too.

There are collateral damages that are not part of my wish. I don’t wish for people to get sick and die. I don’t wish for people to lose their livelihood. I don’t wish for people to suffer.


My wish is to be free from stress and too much worrying. But the forced vacation we are supposedly enjoying now is still full of stress. I am not the only one losing sleep. Many people are depressed. Oh well, life.

There are at least 4 million homeowners in the United States whose mortgages are in forbearance. Come July or August, their home payments would be due. If they have lost their jobs, that’s a big problem.
I would like to believe that as long they are healthy and well, they can still recoup whatever they’ve lost in the past. Hopefully, they would be able to find jobs or earn again, and start again.

For business owners, I remain optimistic that things would recover eventually, and whatever is lost, hopefully, would come back.



  1. Wednesday too is a banner day for me too because that’s when I run the cars to keep them in condition and their batteries charged. Can’t believe I have been doing this for over two months already.

  2. …and I’m sure it’s gonna be a different birthday celebration for you this time, way way different from your past ones.
    Whichever way you choose to celebrate with your loved ones, let me be the first to greet my childhood friend a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Wish you more blessings.

    1. Oh thanks, Mike for remembering my birthday. It’s just going to be a simple one with my family because we still practice social distancing.

  3. On this special day of yours, I pray that the good Lord gives you all the joy and happiness that your heart can contain. Have a blessed and fun birthday.

  4. Moment to reflect and make amends!! Keep us safe Lord wherever we go and whatever we do! We can just say, “Lord, you are our refuge and salvation. Amen

  5. Such an eloquent musings Annie . This pandemic had become a period of reflection for most of us . And this too shall pass the moment .

  6. Stay alive, stay alive. Pay attention on mental health.

    Warren Buffett is taking the whole crisis sitting down on $128 Billion cash pile.

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