Manny Pacquiao for President

I’ve been seeing social media posts and Viber messages saying that Senator Manny Pacquiao is running for president in 2022. I don’t mind if he becomes the next president of the Philippines.

I’ve seen a Fil-American newspaper saying Duterte-Duterte in 2022. I have also seen a photo of Imee Marcos at a dinner table with Sarah Duterte and some other people. I have also read an article saying that Alan Peter Cayetano is also running for president. Leni Robredo could also be running. I don’t know who else is gunning for the country’s top post, or who the number one contender is.

Some of Edmund’s friends are going to Las Vegas in August to watch the boxing fight of Pacquiao versus Errol Spence Jr., the current unified welterweight world champion. Pacquiao is 42 years old while Errol is 31. The match is on August 21 and sayang we will miss it. We intend to go home in July and to postpone our trip for a month to wait for Edmund’s friends would be masyadong matagal.

In 2019 I watched it with Dimple, Len, and Bong in Las Vegas. In 2017, I watched with Len at Thomas & Mack Center. It would be nice to watch it with Edmund but masyado pang matagal ang August 21. If we watch that, that would mean we would be back in Manila end of August, then we would have to quarantine pa for 10 days. We have lots of things to do in Manila and Tagaytay.

Two of Edmund’s kumpadres who are going to Las Vegas with Pacquiao are Rudy Distrito and Paking Maristela. I think my dear husband would be excited to watch with them too.


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