I couldn’t find the perfect shade of sage color for our cottage door.
I bought this paint from Home Depot. They have limited colors and none matched the perfect shade I was looking for. My daughter suggested why don’t I stick to my favorite blue color. It’s boring already to have the same motif everywhere. I want something different. For this probinsya house, I want to have white, sage and pink colors.

painting our cottage door March 4, 2018

Davies paint

E—-“Green pala yung pinto mo?”
A—-“Supposed to be sage, pero wala akong makita na eksaktong shade”.
E—-“Ano yun?”


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2 thoughts on “Painting Cottage Door

  1. Annie, in wilcon, there is a paint mixing area that mix all kinds of paint shades, i’m sure you can find the perfect shade for your cottage door.

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