Second trip to First Street Cafe

January 15, 2017 Sunday

After my first experience at First Street Cafe, I never stopped wanting to go back to eat there again. I specifically craved for their ahi tuna.

Benicia, ahi tuna salad

Benicia, first st. cafe,  crab toasts

My sister is photogenic.
Benicia, First St. Cafe,  Aileen

Benicia, Bong and Aileen

The best key lime pie was in Fat Michaels in Makati, Sadly, that quaint restaurant vowed out of business a few years ago.
First Street Cafe’s version is good also.
Benicia, key lime pie

From the restaurant, we walked for a few blocks more.
I am beginning to consider practicing fortune telling and kulam. Kanina meron na namang nag message, naghahanap ng mangkukulam. I think good business yan.
Benicia, psychic readiings

We no longer walked to the waterfront because it was chilly.
Benicia, water view

Benicia, main street house

This is such a lovely place. Perfect for promenading and relaxing, but not during winter time.
Benicia, palm lined street

Let’s go, sobrang lamig.
Benicia, Len and Bong Jan 15, 2017


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