June 3, 2021

Oyen liked the face mask from Under Armour so we went back to buy another one.

Buy one take one but it’s expensive at $32++.

Under Armour

From Under Armour, nothing else to do but hop from one store to another.

I knew it, we would end up shopping for other items aside from face masks.
A—–“Mapapamahal tayo kasi bibili tayo ng ibang items.”
And that’s exactly what happened.

Ang mahal nung face mask!

I cut the disposable masks into small pieces before throwing them away. Oyen said in case these ends up in the ocean, para hindi mabulunan yung mga isda. But these are still too big for small sea creatures.
These face masks are everywhere. Sea, streets, parks, sidewalks, canals, rivers.


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