Some Vloggers are provoking strangers

Today’s my 4th day of self-imposed quarantine in the guest room. The tv is not cooperating so I can’t watch Netflix or CNN or HGTV.

I am confined to watching Youtube music videos and Googling homes for sale in Tuscany. No, I am not buying, just curious.

My favorite thing to do is watch through the Ring cameras wild deer munching our front yard plants any time of the day and mostly in the middle of the night.

I also spend time reading messages on Viber, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, email, and people send messages too on my Instagram. Many times I get confused about where to look.
Life has indeed become far from a simple hello neighbor. Nowadays We can simultaneously communicate with dozens of friends worldwide.

I’ve seen many videos about people getting in trouble from all sorts of things and situations.
Because of the advent of the cellphone camera, Go Pro, and other filming gadgets both hidden and seen, and the success of many YouTube vloggers, many go around filming unsuspecting individuals so they can sensationalize, scandalize the individuals, and the more interesting it would be for Youtube viewers. Many have become extremely successful with thousands upon thousands, and millions of so-called followers.
They create scenarios to provoke unsuspecting individuals so that these persons would react angrily, erratically.
Some vloggers create situations wherein they provoke strangers while secretly filming it. I’ve seen some starting fights in parking lots. These vloggers have cameras ready and when the strangers react, the better it is for the so-called vloggers. They have something to post, something controversial, scandalous, while they make fun of strangers.

Many vloggers produce short videos showing they are being expelled from a clubhouse, or while delivering pizza, etc. They want to earn money while becoming more popular online by enraging black people from being discriminated against What good does it do to mankind? People who do this for their own personal benefit are bad persons. You should stop patronizing this kind of shallow, disrespectful untruthful, scheming individuals. Unfollow them because they will not contribute anything good to your well-being.

Is this the kind of things people will keep on doing now and in the future, as social media is becoming massively effective in making people Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram celebrities? I don’t think this is right. You guys are provoking innocent individuals, you hit them, make them angry, scratch their cars, block their paths, squeeze their vehicles so they can’t enter their vehicle to leave the parking lot, while you are filming and shaming, and laughing at these people. You must be earning tons of money doing this. I am not at all impressed. Shame on you. Get a real job, not making fun of strangers, not insulting, not provoking.

There are many who follow and provoke motorists so they can create a bad scenario good enough for posting on Youtube.

I personally think that social media celebrity wannabes and some of those who are already celebrities, may have become delusional about what is fake and imagined, and what is true and real. There will come a time when they will forget who they truly are.

Let’s be real.



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