Staycation while on vacation

People are curious about why we always come to the US. What we are doing here. Some of them think we must be bored. No, we are never bored when we are visiting. We are busy, doing nothing, resting, doing something, working from home, doing laundry, cleaning, gardening, shopping, visiting friends and relatives, hosting family reunions. And since we’re busy, we do need to get out sometimes to break our routines. Lives can be stressful and worrisome so we also need to get away and relax. This is why we are going on a road trip soon. Not too far away because my driver is getting old, grumpy, and bones begin to crack when sitting in the car too long.

We’ve been coming back and forth in this country since Oyen was 2 years old and we always visited the same places. It’s time to visit some new places while we can still see, drive, walk, eat.


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