Steak Dinner at Hotel du Vin

April 11, 2017

All of us met for dinner at the restaurant of Hotel dun Vin. This dinner was pre-arranged and included in the golf tour package for golfers and non-golfers alike. The cost was BP 45 or roughly 2,880 pesos. Yen and I paid BP 90 for the two of us. Sayang nga because Rolly and Boy didn’t show up but since the dinner was pre-paid according to the organizers, we couldn’t offset our payment with that of Boy Tan and Rolly.

Elmer and Yen
steak dinner at Hotel du Vin,  Elmer and Yen

The dinner was okay. The food was okay although not great. We all had fun bonding together.

Steak dinner at Hotel du Vin,  2

Antok na si Celso at si RJ
dinner at Hotel du Vin 1

The menu says tomato puree
steak dinner,  tomato puree

I ordered tomato puree, and not large crispy tomatoes. Nalimutan siguro nung kusinero na gilingin yung kamatis.
steak dinner at hotel du vin,  tomato puree

Elmer was a true gentleman. Kung hindi mo kaya ubusin steak mo, hatiin mo agad and give it to him. He would not refuse it.
Steak at Hotel du Vin

steak dinner at hotel du vin,  with french fries

Our group photo (without the photographer), from left— Elmer, Yen, Ariel, Orven, RJ, Mae, Rose, Madet, Celine, Celso, Bobby, Larry, restaurant staff, Mariz, Edmund.
group photo, steak dinner at hotel du vin

Mae, Rose, Madet, Omb, Celine. Celine pala is very bright. Puro honors from elementary to college. She shares the same university alma mater as my daughter.
girls photo,  Hotel du Vin

Ariel Rivera, Orven Rivera, and RJ Rizada. Ariel said he doesn’t have facebook, twitter, instagram. So my daugther tagged his wife instead to share Ariel’s photos. Sige nga, i tag ko rin sya #gellidebelen.
Ariel River, Orven Rivera,  RJ Rizada


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