It beats me why a restaurant would be named The Dead Fish. For ignoramus people like me, when you mention dead fish, bilasang isda agad ang maiiisip ko. Dead fish could mean that the fish they serve here are not that fresh. They call them Recently Demised Fish of the Day.

Their Chef explained where he got the name Dead Fish. He grew up in Italy watching his grandmother whip up delicious dishes using the fresh catch of the day. She didn’t follow any recipe and didn’t remember the names of the fish she cooked. When asked what kind of fish she was cooking, she would say with a smile “It’s a dead fish”.

This Zagat rated restaurant serves fish, crabs, shellfish, etc. Just make sure your wallet is ready. This is a minimum of $50 per person restaurant.

Mine was free. Courtesy of Lyn’s generosity. My role was just to eat and enjoy the food.

The Dead Fish neon lights

Zagat rated
The Dead Fish, Zagat rated

Interior bar
Dead Fish, interior bar

The restaurant looks like it underwent several expansions of its main dining floor. There are many corners and separate halls with different themes.
Dead Fish interior

The expansive restaurant sits along the Carquinez Strait in Crockett, California. It has great views of the bridge and the waterfront.

Daytime photo from their website.
view of bridge,  Dead Fish

View is definitely better during the day.
view of bridge from Dead Fish

entrance,  Dead Fish resto

The Dead Fish menu


Lyn and I ordered 1 1/2 pieces of dungeness crab and clams linguine with soup.
The Dead Fish seafood menu

Their roasted in garlic dungeness crab made me lick my fingers.
Dungeness Crab,  The Dead Fish

Dining table,  Dead Fish

Dungeness Crab, The Dead Fish Restaurant

I didn’t expect that the linguine would have clams soup. I thought it would be like vongole. It didn’t disappoint me because it tasted good. I haven’t eaten something like this. We couldn’t finish all of it so we took home some for Tante.
black linguine with clams

black linguine with clams soup

The black linguine didn’t stain on my mouth and lips. The large clams tasted fresh.
clam soup,  Dead Fish

Lyn got shocked when I placed the claws on the table. Pak pak pak instead of using the crab cracker. With all my might, pinagpupukpok ko yung claws, nagulat yung mga kalapit namin na Americano and napatingin sa akin. Wala, tuloy pa rin ang pukpok ko. Lyn said “An, you don’t hit the claws on the table, you crack it like this”. I like it this way. Mahina ang grip ko, hirap ako pag iniipit lang. Mas malakas ang power ko pag papukpok, Meron akong bwelo. Ganyan kami sa Binangonan, pag ang ulam namin ay alimasag, ang papa ko bising-busy pagpukpok ng mga sipit sa ibabaw ng lamesa. Mas gusto ko ganyan. I like the sound of the kutsara hitting the alimasag, Very nostalgic.

Pagpukpok ko, tilansikan yung mga shells. Siguro sabi, sino ba ito, ngayon lang yata naka kain sa restaurant. Que barbaridad.

crab cracker

The Dead Fish also have “Other Dead Things,” on their menu like prime rib and seared filet mignon. We skipped dessert because we simply didn’t have any more space.
Most recommended desserts are tiramisu with raspberry-mango coulis or chocolate fondue.

Lyn paid $130 for our meal. The crab alone is $70, the linguine is $30 plus taxes plus tip.


Open 11:00am – 10:00pm EVERY DAY
Telephone: 1(510)787-3323


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