It’s been thirty years

We met in college, 6 1/2 years later, we sealed our fate with a marriage that was founded on love, but with no warning whatsoever that love comes with trials too.

We didn’t have any fancy proposals, pre-nuptial photo shoots, showers, etc.
He proposed while we were in a borrowed car, around 5 pm and stuck in traffic.

E———- Kailan tayo magpapakasal?

Ganun lang, walang warning signs, walang luluhod-luhod pa, walang mga balloons na lumilipad, walang eroplano na may hila-hilang streamer na Annie will you marry me? We both didn’t have money kaya wala ring engagement ring. Kahit pinilipit na sinulid, wala.

Our wedding came out nice rin and grand based on those days’ standards.

We booked the church, chose the flowers, dresses, picked the hotel and food, video, photo, rented a wedding car, and that’s it. Hindi pa uso yung mga wedding planners nung araw.
Buti na lang, kung hindi, yung budget, nabawasan pa.

Walang digital prints nuon at graphic designers. I copied the wedding invitation of our friends Mari and Trini.

Hindi pa uso yung tatlong dosena ang ninong at ninang. Kuya Lito told me beforehand na hindi maganda yung maraming mga sponsors, para daw negosyo. Dapat two pairs nga lang, nadagdagan pa ng isang pair. Note: walang senador, gobernador, or presidente ng malaking kumpanya. Mga friends sila at si Ninang Nita ay ninang ko sa binyag.


Tan Family, without my Kuya Junior and Family who were in Sacramento.

We chose San Agustin Church in Intramuros. Tila narinig lang namin na maganda yung church, although we’ve never been there. Walang wedding rehearsals nung araw. Tingnan mo oh, meron pang magtitinda ng swipistik na nag-uusyoso. Tra-ex pa sa picture.


We arrived in San Agustin 15 minutes late. Ang layo ng simbahan. The make-up artist took his time, and the limo driver was slow.

Papa and I looked so sad.


Tito Varela and Eves Villa

My sister, Aileen

My mother, Ka Felicing Tan

Kuya Lito and my college best friend, Nelia Sy. 30 years later, Nelia still looks like that. Hindi tumanda, no wrinkles, at hindi rin tumaba.


Our wedding ring had diamonds. Nawala na. They were stolen long time ago by one of our maids, together with all my jewelries.


Parental guidance required.

I looked constipated. Ang payat ko, para akong nagsa-shabu. Eh kasi naman I replaced pa the curtains in our room. Bumili pa ako ng tela at ako pa ang nagtahi. Nagkapuyat-puyat ako kaya from 100 pounds, I was down to 95 pounds on my wedding day. Buti na lang walang hangin kundi dalawa kami ni Edmund liliparin.



Hindi ko matandaan kung bigas ito, tila ang lalaki naman, baka papel lang. Dapat pala pera para swerte. Pero masakit naman kung barya.


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18 thoughts on “It’s been thirty years

  1. Glad to see your wedding picture 1st time to see it especially happy to see the picture of tya Felicing.

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    I was already fascinated with that ‘no proposal’ story! hahaha!
    And there was an angle of you, where i thought it was your daughter 🙂
    Wishin’ you both lovelier & livelier years ahead of you!

  3. What a humbling entry, Annie. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your wedding day. Your Mum was so beautiful. No wonder you are also a beauty, yourself.
    By the way, it was also the same question that was asked to me by Rico. I never knew then, it was the wedding “proposal”. Fondly, Rissa

  4. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Yee on your 30th Anniversary (Pearl).
    Wish you many more years of bliss.
    I like that you still have grace and sense of humor even under pressure and other distractions.
    I look forward to your Ruby, Gold, and Diamond Anniversary posts.

    Love the wedding / honeymoon posts.
    Oyen looks so much like you in some of the photos.
    I had to do a double take.

  5. You were a beautiful bride then and still is:) I love that you have a “haku”! You always have a great and classy taste. So nice to see the pictures:) More blessings to you and Edmund!

  6. Oh cuz.Happy 30th anniv to u n Edmond…though i haven’t met him .i love reading your column..everytime..u make me smile..sometimes giggle..we got d same on d proposal thing..but, in his old Datsun station wagon car…ist time to see ur wedding pictures too..talaga..u looked like a princess..until now naman…wish u both many more happy n healthy years…

  7. Ms Annie… 🙂 Thanks for sharing ur wedding pictures.. You’re lucky to still have it.. mine was destroyed during the Ondoy flooding 🙁

    Aileen has a resemblance to Oyen.. and u have a very striking resemblance to Rio Diaz and Gloria Diaz, especially that shot when sir Edmund was putting on ur wedding ring on ur finger.. 😉

    u were, and still, very beautiful, despite the years.. 😉

    During that time, a wedding like yours is already considered GRAND.. 🙂 i love the crown of flowers on ur hair and ur gown is beautiful too.. 🙂

    Here’s wishing u many more HAPPY ANNIVERSARIES to come in ur lifetime, Ms Annie.. 🙂 take care and be safe always.. God bless u and ur beautiful family.. 🙂

  8. One of my ninong and ninang na i really looked up to!!! God bless you more nonpax and nangni…..sana marating din po namin ni joann ang narating nyo!!

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