Some common words or phrases are now considered offensive, racist, racial profiling, gender labeling, bullying, etc.

For example
We Filipinos like to give unsolicited advice. For example, when we see someone looking thin, we almost always presume that the person got sick or is sick. We ask what happened. Then we don’t stop there. We give motherly or fatherly advice like oh, take Vitamin A, B12, C 1,000 mg, D, 400 mg of E. Or if someone looks haggard, we right away give our advice, oh, take melatonin, or inhale CBD, drink hot chamomile tea before bedtime. Coming from a good place, we like to suggest something to the other person. We like to lecture even if it’s non of our business. Nung araw, people welcome advice especially if coming from the elderly. In this new generation, unsolicited advice could be misconstrued as nakikialam, being nosy, offensive, and could be regarded as a form of bullying.



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