Virus newest Mutation – R1 Variant and Delta Plus

There’s a new mutation that was bidentified by scientists in the United States. The R1 variant has been detected in more than 50 cases in the State of California. There is no single case yet in the Bay Area.
According to the news, the new strain has so far infected more than 2,000 persons
all across the US and was first detected in Kentucky.

I hate to say this but it’s possible that the virus will keep on evolving and trying to evade the vaccines and our immune system.
But I trust our scientists that they will always find ways to come up with a vaccine that can give us protection. And the physicians and nurses will find the most effective protocols in treating patients the most cost-effective way.
On our part, we should do everything possible to strengthen our minds and bodies. The internet is replete with useful information about natural nutrients, food supplements, physical activities, etc.

… and please get vaccinated.

A few cases in point:

A female townmate refused to get vaccinated because she’s afraid of any potential side effects of the vaccines. She died recently three days after contracting the virus.

A couple didn’t believe that the vaccines would give them protection. Since they survived the past 16 months since the start of the pandemic, they were confident that they wouldn’t need vaccines. Plus, they were convinced that the vaccines would cause blood clotting and heart problems. They bought got infected in August. Sadly, the wife passed away in the hospital. The husband got hospitalized too but he survived. He is now looking forward to having his first dose of the Moderna vaccine. Sayang, his wife could still be alive if they were vaccinated. Kahit papaano merong panlaban sa virus.


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