December 2, 2015

I knew exactly how to get to the Ben Cab Museum in Baguio because I called their reception before leaving the hotel to make sure I had the correct landmarks to guide my driver.

From Palispis / Marcos Hway.
Around 500 meters downhill after the Shell gas station, turn right at this ark, Wakat Suelo Road. There’s also a green arrow pointing towards this road.

bencab 001

Omb——-“Diretso lang meron daw karatula sa dulo”.
Omb——-“Yan Ben Cab Museum 4.6 km.
Driver—-“Four point six, malayo pa mam, six palang ito, four pa”.

bencab 006

Driver D to Ben Cab, Baguio

Omb——“Di kaya lumampas na tayo, parang ang layo na natin”.
After two minutes, we saw another signage that says 2.4 km (I think).

Omb——“2.4 pa”.
Driver—“Mam malayo pa, 6.5 pa lang”.

What was he talking about? He probably was in a different horizon.

After two stops to ask for direction, finally we’re here.
Bencab museum building

Ben Cab Museum entrance

I paid one hundred pesos entrance fee.
Ben cab musuem entrance fee

art work, Ben Cab Museum

Ben Cab building

wooden carved table, Ben Cab Museum

Ben Cabrera building in Baguio

Anito,  Ben Cab Museum, Baguio

There were more art works on exhibit done by other artists.
art works,  Ben Cab Museum

Ben Cab Museum,  art display

Although I took photos of the art collection, I was not really in the mood to look at the paintings and sculptures. My interest in art is seasonal. I came here not to look at the paintings, but to make usyoso his vacation place. I was more interested in looking at the view of the surroundings.


ben cab Baguio place

ET, snake, Ben cab Museum

Bencab museum

Some people are fond of statues like these. Am not.
wooden statues,  Ben Cab Museum

This guy looks like he’s in a quandary. He doesn’t know what to do with his erection.

to be continued

Ben Cab Museum
Km 6 Asin Road
Tadiangan, Tuba,
(63) 74-4427165
(63) 920 530 1954


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2 thoughts on “Ben Cab Museum

  1. Ahhh, Ben Cab pala advises its guests to take Suelo Road over Naguilian Road. Mas traffic nga naman kasi doon.

    Btw Ms. Annie, the School for the Blind used to be on the left side on your first picture (Suelo Road). They have relocated to another place in the city so now, the Divine Mercy Church is being constructed in the area. My nanay actively participated in that community few months prior her joining our Creator. Around 2 weeks before she left, she officially became a member of the Ladies’ Auxilliary and so at the time of our loss, especially during the wake, burial, and after burial events, her group has always been present. At naextend pa yun nung tatay ko naman ang lumisan. Minsan po naiisip kong baka somehow naramdaman ng nanay kong malapit na syang/silang mawala and yun yung way nya to ensure na hindi kami mahirapan masyado sa pagkawala nila hehe. Now, I make it a point na don magsimba pag umuuwi ako kasi pag nakikita ko ang mga kaberks ng parents ko, mas gumagaan pakiramdam ko, plus may bonus pang hugs from all of them :). Just sharing and feel free po not to approve if not appropriate. 🙂

    God bless, Ms. Annie.

    1. Hi Mylene, I still have a post on Ben Cab Museum, hindi ako maka pag post kasi I am super busy this week. I enjoyed reading your story about your parents. Thank you for sharing.
      We’re going back to Baguio soon. Merry Christmas.

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