Cafe Pronto, Marco Polo Hotel

While waiting for our vehicle to move to the front where a bridal car was stalling the other vehicles, we went inside Cafe Pronto near Marco Polo hotel’s main entrance.

Marco Polo lunch 086

Marco Polo lunch 084

Marco Polo, pastries

Their breads, pastries and desserts were all so tempting.
Marco Polo Hotel pastries

Marco Polo lunch 089

Wait till I launch my own brand of coffee.
Marco Polo cafe

We sat down for a while while Oyen had a cappuccino.

I found an issue of MEGA magazine with Apl.d.ap on the cover. I wanted to finish the article but my eyes were getting strained. The fonts were so tiny. I need magnifying glass.

A scoop of vanilla ice cream for me.
Marco Polo lunch 090


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