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December 29, 2018
From the Las Vegas wedding chapel, Edmund, Oyen, Nyke, and I rode in one car while my siblings rode in another car. They arrived ahead of us at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant inside the Paris Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas Boulevard.

Eiffel tower Restaurant, Las Vegas

We had the smallest number of entourage at our wedding, me and my groom, the bridesmaid, the best man, and 4 guests, Len, Bong, Kuya Lito and Dimple.  I had difficulty finding a private dining room for 8 people.  With less than 5 days before our celebration, I accepted the fact that we would be dining with the rest of the populace in the main dining room of the Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

We arrived half hour before my 6 pm dinner reservation. We were asked to stay at the bar while waiting for 6 pm.

Eiffel Tower BarMy guests were hungry so they ordered some appetizers.

Dimple and Kuya, Eiffel Tower Bar

At 5:50 pm we were led to our table.  It looks like Valentines Day.
Eiffel Tower Restaurant, Table setting

Edmund and I chose the two fronting seats nearest the glass window where we could see the Bellagio.
Bellagio view from Eiffle Table

The fake lashes were glued too close to my eyelids that’s why my eyes looked droopy. The make-up artist was wearing a plunging neckline. Every time she moved her body closer to my face, I felt so awkward because her cleavage would be a few inches away from my nose. I ended up closing my eyes most of the time. She would say— “open, open..” referring to my eyes, how could I open when her boobs were like gigantic balloons ready to burst on my face.
Len, Dimple, Oh my buhay

Special menu
anniversary menu

I pre-ordered a dozen giant shrimp cocktails in addition to those in the set menu.
giant shrimp cocktail

35 wed 083

By this time the Bellagio fountains started soaring. I will never get tired of watching the fountains. Too bad we couldn’t hear the music. No matter how impressive, without the music it means nothing. But when the water dances with the music, there’s a magical story that’s created.   It’s like hearing the sound of the rain hitting the iron roof. You feel the emotions more.  It evokes a different kind of feeling.
35 wed 086

Les Amuse Bouches
35 wed 087

We were all in unison that this was the most delicious scallops we’ve ever had.
Casco Baysea Scallops with braised fennel, Belgian endive, and jus acidule
35 wed 090 scallop

Another delicious dish, Warm New York State Foie Gras, with quince compote, Alsace spike cake.
35 wed 091

Our tummies were filling up at this point. I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish this slice of Lake Superior Arctic Char with salted cod brandade and horseradish. I finished it because it was so flavorful, I could taste the freshness of the fish.
35 wed 092
My husband also finished his arctic char. We all agreed this dish was also a winner.
35 wed 094

The service was fast. It was only 7 pm and we were almost done with our meals. I asked the head waiter to slow down and to delay serving the filet mignon. I asked him to wait for half an hour to allow our stomachs to digest all the food we had taken. He promised to inform the chef to slow it down. They served the main dish at 7:45 pm,  Broiled Filet Mignon with bordelaise sauce, potato gratin and some veggies.
35 wed 095

Another round of fountain show. I think they play every half hour.
35 wed 096

The restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants at The Strip that’s why it’s almost always full especially on a saturday night.
35 wed 098

We were already bondat after the steak.
35 wed 099

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