Home Decorating for the Holidays

My daughter complains that her room is like a shrine with her enlarged photos on the wall staring at her.
I like decorating our house with family photos. It makes our house feel more like a home and not a model home or show case.
Give Thanks

Para bang I just kept the Christmas decors a few months ago and now it’s time to bring them out of the storage box.

toilet Christmas decor

This’ the English tea cup and saucer I bought from the antique shop for $10.
cup and saucer with bird design

Duchess bone china

I used the tea cup  as trimmings to spruce up the simple chandelier.
hanging the tea cup on the chandelier

chandelier with tea cups

chandelier with tea cups

This’ the snowman I bought from Pier 1 Imports
snowman from Pier 1 imports

Mister Snowman has LED lights. I bought one supposedly to give to Atty. Ave and his wife but the night we were supposed to meet and have dinner, their water heater at their house broke so they cancelled our dinner. After that I got sick naman. I kept na lang the snowman for myself. Since I liked it a lot, I bought another one. So now I have two. They are really beautiful.
snowman with LED

lighted snowman


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