Flavors of ice cream nowadays are beyond the normal or traditional names like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate. The new generation entrepreneurs are far more creative, imaginative and artistic. Their imagination surpasses the norm. Who could have thought of naming a flavor honeymoon. It’s genius. It doesn’t sound cheesy. It’s not sexually suggestive.

This must be labeled though. Not for couples who’ve been married since Doobie Brother’s heydey. Old people are less graphic. How to use must also be clearly explained, step by step. Old people are no longer spontaneous. They plan things way in advance. Their honeymoon stage is 50 years past. They need enough time to plan for their next organ (ic) encounter otherwise they will get stressed out and harassed.

Be clear on the instructions. Is this honeymoon ice cream to be eaten before they are planning to engage in romance? How many days before? How many hours? Is it to be eaten straight from the freezer while still hard or shall the couple wait till it’s softer?

Or is it an after dessert? LIke a congratulatory treat for successfully making it out after their 25th wedding anniversary? This would be hard to do because the ice cream might expire before the excitement even begins.
organiz honeymoon ice cream


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