I had a difficult but exciting challenge last Sunday. I pushed myself to paint women’s nude bodies while they’re there in front of me. That was really difficult. First, I am not used to staring at other people’s breasts and preks. The dedes of the slimmer model were staring at me. That’s really awkward.  Staring at men’s bum and birdie could be more enjoyable.  Oh that would also be very awkward,  especially if his birdie would be pointing at me,  I wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

Oh well, I am very proud to say that I did it. I passed that challenge although I must say that was quite a feat, nasuka ako pag-uwi ko. Na strain kasi ang mata ko sa katitingin sa dede nila.


Yah I know, ganda no? This looks like it’s done by a pro.  I cannot claim credit for this.  It’s the result of  a collaboration between me and the master artist himself and soon to be National Artist of the Philippines, Nemiranda.

Naawa sya sa akin, hindi sya nakatiis. Ni-repair nya ng konti while teaching me the basics. Konting guhit-guhit lang nya, biglang gumanda, nagkameron ng depth.

Eto naman,  Who wants to buy this one? It’s labor of love and has my valuable signature.

Nude drawing by OMB

The above nude portrait  drained my energy. No matter how hard I tried, I could not make it look any better. It didn’t look like the model.  I tried to repair the face and the neck, instead of getting better, pasama ng pasama ang itsura. This clearly spelled the limitation of my artistic talent— zero.




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