I will not buy battery-operated wristwatch

I always tell myself never again will I buy a battery-operated wristwatch. Too late for that because I already have a few and I have no choice but to have their batteries replaced every year whether I wear them or not. Each battery currently costs P3,600. Ang liit-liit lang pero ang mahal. I can buy that from other suppliers to save money but the concern is who would be capable of replacing the battery. I once showed this watch to a watch repair shop in Robinson’s Galleria but the technician  balked after seeing my watch. He was afraid to touch it and he told me he could damage it.

This is actually my number one or number two favorite watch. Old na ito, the leather strap says it all.  This is maybe 10 years old.   Sorry I covered the face. Baka tayo ma-bash.

Battery replacement takes 30 to 45 minutes because there’s a waiting line.  Some leave their watches but I normally don’t leave my watch unless the service tells me more work needs to be done. I also do not delegate this chore of bringing my watches to the service center. I do it myself. I don’t mind waiting  at the watch center for 30 to 45 minutes.

There was a guy who apparently bought a pre-owned watch from someone. He decided to bring it here for servicing. Like buying a second-hand car,  having it checked if there are hidden defects, and to have it thoroughly cleaned.

He was clearly taken aback by the service estimate, an astonishing P130,000. That’s just for cleaning and general check-up. I heard him calling the guy who sold the watch to him. Wala na, no return, no exchange. Kala nya siguro mura lang.

I fell asleep while waiting for my watch. I didn’t even know I fell asleep until the other customers started asking each other looking for a certain Annie Tan-Yee.  I heard my name being called several times.  Nay ko po, kakahiya, naka tulog pala ako sa sofa nila.  Sorry, puyat kasi si lola, graveyard shift.

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