Makati Ford’s 2nd birthday

We had sorbetes ice cream for Makati Ford’s 2nd birthday. Our customers who came in that day plus Makati Ford’s 100 employees got lucky.
Ube, melon and cheese. I didn’t taste the melon. The cheese flavor was full of real cubed cheese.

Kool “CR’s”    Sorbetes ice cream.  Matagal na namin silang suki.
Sorbetes ice cream at Makati Ford

To Makati Ford’s customers: Thank you for your patronage. You came to the right dealership. We offer the added advantage of giving you free cups of sorbetes.

To those thinking of buying a new car: if you are crazy about sorbetes just like everyone else at Makati Ford, this is the place to be.

Sorbetes at Makati Ford's 2nd Birthday


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