Located in the same building as Cafe Sanso is Museo Sanso where a few dozen pieces that belong to the personal collection of the artist himself are on display.

Museo Sanso

Sanso, expansive vista

Several years ago, an art dealer offered to me a big oil painting by Sanso. It was sized 24 x 36. That time I found it expensive. After two years I saw the same painting on display at an art fair in BGC selling for 3 times the selling price. Last year, there were similar oil paintings for sale in the secondary market and were displayed in Shangri-la and the prices were almost 1 million each. Sayang I should have bought the one offered to me by the art dealer. Ganyan talaga ang buhay.

There are some tiny works for sale at Museo Sanso. Eto yung impulse buy. I found this watercolor painting hanging in a tiny room tucked on the second floor of the building.  It was grouped with a dozen others. with exact same size, medium and similar floral patterns.  I bought one piece.  Dapat daw merong partner or group sila, aba sobra ng mahal aabutin kung walo sila pagpaparisin ko. Tama na itong isa. Souvenir lang.
Mom to Oyen —- “Yey, I now have a Christmas gift for you”.
Sanso art


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