New US President Inauguration


After the bloody mob at the US Capitol on January 6, I waited anxiously for January 20 to come (and go) without any hitch.

Like it or not, America affects the whole world. Whatever happens or gulo they have, there’s a ripple effect in both the world economy and global peace.

I have a lot at stake too. At least 95% of the Tans are American citizens and we call the USA our second home. My parents’ remains are buried in California.

Millions came to America seeking better life and opportunities. The original inhabitants crossed the land bridge that connected Asia to North America thousands of years ago. The influx of Europeans started in the 1500s and migration from all nations continued to this day and age.

Their forefathers did a great job in laying down the groundwork for this country to flourish not just economically but as a model for inventions, technology, but of good governance, peace, order, respect for human rights, and democracy. Their first president, George Washington, and all others who served after him helped shape their nation’s strong foundations.

The world looks up to America as a model of democracy and respect for a nation’s constitution. The US has earned the respect of many nations and is recognized as a world leader. Every president must live up to what America represents and uphold its integrity.

What happened on January 6 is a painful reminder to all that a leader, whether of a country, a state, or a small town, must be careful with his words because when he speaks, he doesn’t represent his personal views, but the institution that he represents. A government official cannot play with words and treat them as a joke or simply a right to self-expression. For example, a president of a country. A person, once he raised his right hand and pledged his oath of allegiance to the office of the president is no longer the presidential candidate, but he now becomes an institution with great powers. And as we all know, with great powers come great responsibilities. A leader cannot stand in front of a podium to express his personal views that could be misconstrued by his citizens and the world. One must always be circumspect in his language or else it could either damage the office he represents and his followers could either misinterpret or believe him.

In my experience, it’s not what we say and do, but what the other person thinks we say and do.

Millions of Pres. Trump’s supporters interpreted his words, actions, and picked up his intentions based on their own perceptions. Storming the US Capitol to prevent Vice President Mike Pence from declaring Biden a winner in the recent election was the result of his followers believing that the election was rigged.

I watched in disbelief while the rioters destroyed windows, doors, scaled the walls, and breached the security of the Capitol. It was difficult to watch. I thought it was a scene in some third world country. They forgot that their allegiance must be to their country and constitution. They forgot what their country represented to the world. Peace, Prosperity, Respect, Democracy, Power. They pitted Americans vs. Americans.

Pres. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump leave the White House

I hate goodbyes
Biden Inauguration
Here comes the new team

Dramatic climb, like in the movies

I was actually worried someone could trip over.

I was here on September 23, 2014.  Wow, it’s been 6 years na pala.

I stood here too, for a few minutes in 2014.

Pres. Joe Biden faces a long list of serious problems-to-solve. Top on the list is the gargantuan task of fighting the pandemic. Every American, whether Republican or Democrat, must give their trust, respect, and support, moving forward.


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