Please get vaccinated ASAP

There have been many deaths recently that could have been avoided.
My sister’s high school batchmate passed away due to covid. She had diabetes and didn’t want to get vaccinated. She was convinced that the vaccines have side effects.

Another female townmate passed away last week too due to covid. She had kidney problems and refused to get the vaccines fearing that the vaccines would run counter with her dialysis.

Junie was exposed to many people due to the nature of his job. At first he didn’t believe that the vaccines could provide him protection. When one of his officemates died of covid, he panicked and wanted to get vaccinated right away. Unfortunately, their LGU ran out of vaccines. A few days before the next vax schedule, he contracted the virus and died 3 days later.

Many more stories of grief due to Covid’s Delta variant.

Happy endings:

36 year old guy tested positive and was having symptoms. Took several days before he was able to get admitted in a small hospital in Cavite which didn’t have the required medicines he needed. He got better after a few days and is now recovering at his residence. His wife too is covid positive but doesn’t require hospotalization. They are both fine now. They were fully vaccinated in April.

29 year old girl lost her sense of taste and smell and is coughing. She got the first dose of Moderna vaccine just two days prior to contracting the virus. Second dose would be in September. In a few days she started feeling better and her sense of taste and smell are back.

30 year old male was fully vaccinated. His flu-like symptoms were a little troublesome. No hospital would take him for lack of hospital beds and oxygen. A doctor monitored his condition via phone calls only. He is okay now, eating and on the way to recovery.

I think the Covid virus is here to stay. Whether we are vaccinated or not, we are all exposed to the risk of contracting the virus. BUT, I believe that people who are fully vaccinated have a greater chance of fighting off the infections than those who have no vaccines.

We are all part of a bigger community and we are also responsible to keep the people around us safe.
Losing a loved one causes tremendous pain and a lifelong grief. Let us support each other by not spreading the virus.


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