I accompanied Chat to a friend’s office on September 7, friday, to help her sell her art collection. She’s been an art dealer ever since and has collected so many artworks done by names such as Dans, Duldulao, Antonio Ko, Madarang, Galicano, Sarmiento, Nubla, Leynes, Baldemor, H. R. Ocampo, and many others.

Her daughter is now in college in Los Angeles and she’s converting her art collection into cash to pay for her one and only child’s education.  In a few years she might be moving to LA to be with her daughter .

I was hoping my other friend would get to like at least one painting, but instead, he bought three pieces to hang in his new office.

Remember the painting done by artist Angelito Florendo that was displayed at the laboratory of Cardinal Santos last March? The hospital sponsored an art exhibit to raise funds for the indigent patients and this was one of the paintings for sale for P85,000. Chat contacted the artist and negotiated for half the price. But then I didn’t get it for 50% off, I got it for free courtesy of my friend. Lucky me!

Salamin ng Kalikasan by Angelito “Jo” Florendo

Angelito Florendo - oh my buhay

When I saw this painting at the Lab in March, I was instantly smitten but when I saw the P85,000 price tag, I stepped back. I was still thinking about it till after a week because I really liked it then. When I went back to the hospital for check-up in April I mentioned it to Chat and she said she knew the artist and would contact him. She assured me that I could get it cheaper.
Although I liked it a lot, I have somehow lost interest because I was only willing to shell out P25,000 that time which was way too low. But I was no longer interested to spend that much because it was already overtaken by events or by other priority expenses to be more precise.

In fairness to Angelito Florendo, he is a budding artist with very big potential. His painting has depth and his strokes are detailed.

Salamin ng Kalikasan now adorns our wall. We don’t have too many walls at home so I removed my kids’ photo. They said they wwere bumped off by Florendo.
Tingnan mo nga naman ang panahon, I never wished that I would have this painting for free. Thank you.


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