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The very first time we heard mass at St. Joachim was 25 years ago. I still remember that I felt out of place and a real stranger. I was overwhelmed by the sight of white people with blonde hair. The heads were 99 % white. Only a handful had black hair. Edmund, Julienne and I stood-out because of our skin and hair color.


Aileen and I attended the Sunday mass at St. Joachim. This time around, it’s the reverse. Only a handful had blonde hair. The rest had black hair. The white Americans are now outnumbered. The priest, Fr. John, had black hair too, he’s Vietnamese.


St. Joachim in Hayward- oh my buhay

St. Joachim Church- ohmybuhay





Just in case you want to repent…..




Names of deceased parishioners, and living sponsors.

Fr. John


Aileen with her friends Rudy and Beth Camins with their daughter Roxanne who recently graduated from high school. She towers at 5’10-1/2″.



St. Joachim Catholic Church is along Hesperian Blvd and a few steps away from the house of Benet and Bang Cruz. Their house was totally ransacked about two years ago. But that’s another story.


  1. Good Lord….”outnumbered”, Blonde heads”, “dark hair”…….did you attend Mass to share your belief in Christ and celebrate His resurrection or start a race war with you comments. I have never read anything like this on a church website before.

    1. Hi, I was just describing that 25 years ago, we were the only Asians going to that church but recently, I no longer notice Caucasiansattending mass in that same church. There is no intent to alienate people with blonde or black hair. My description is from my vantage point— we usually stand at the farthest end and I only see the back of the heads of the church parishioners. No intent on being a racist of some sort.

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