Weekend Food Market

May 25, 2019

Our friends Dennis and Sylvia invited us to go with them to a weekend food market in South San Francisco.

May 14, 2019 Manila - SFO-NV 169

This mural gives the flea market a rustic touch.
Weekend food market, mural

Dennis likes to cook and enjoys going to local markets to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. He also loves plants.

Our meeting time was supposed to be at 10 am but Edmund and I  arrived at 11 am so some of the vendors were already packing up.   Dennis has a bunch of reusable bags in his trunk.   I didn’t know what I would buy here.  Edmund and I walked around looking for something ready to eat.

Weekend Food Market, Ohmybuhay

I saw some interesting products I haven’t seen before.

Baby squash
Weekend Food market, baby pumpkins

Weekend Food Market, Cabbage

Bodega Bay Oysters
Weekend Food Market, Oysters

Dati hindi naman mahilig si Edmund sa cherries, ngayon laging gusto.
Weekend Food market, cherries

Weekend food market, cherries vendor

There were flower vendors too.
Weekend Food Market, Geranium flowers

Dami palang klase ng mushrooms. Ang alam ko lang dalawa, fresh at saka yung de lata.
Weekend food market, mushrooms

It was my very first time to see magical mulberries. They looked creepy but they were super sweet and delicious.
Weekend Food market, mulberries
Naki tikim ako. It looked creepy but super sweet and delicious. I bought a basket for $5. In less than 5 minutes, Edmund and I had finished one basket. Ang sarap sarap. I am actually craving for mulberries. They are something we don’t normally find in ordinary supermarkets.
Magical mulberries
Meron palang portabella mushrooms. Baka misis ni portobello.
Portabella mushrooms

Giant onion (sibuyas)
Weekend food market, giant onion

Amazing apricots
Amazing apricots

Bitswelas pala is snap peas in English?
Weekend food market, snap peas


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